Painful anal punishment stories

Painful anal punishment stories surprised everyone when she apologized to Art and begged him to punish her in her now clean ass for the way she had treated him! You trust him, don't you? A sig of relief escaped her lips as she settled into the hot steamy water. It looked so long, how was he going to get something that long inside her.

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Painful anal punishment stories
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Painful anal punishment stories

Steffi’s Punishment – Part Seven

He took one of the thin leather straps and used it to secure her crossed wrists behind her. Steffi felt she had no choice but to comply. She could feel the wetness between her legs. He heard her groan as the first rippled ball popped in.

Painful anal punishment stories
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She had anal sex once before, a painful experience that was close to a rape. She shuddered as she felt it push against her asshole, the lubricating allowing for the tip to enter easily. Now I want you to spread your legs open again.

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Painful anal punishment stories
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